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  1. FWD & AWD Cars For Sale
    i have a 2009 Volvo v70 for sale, again. wish I didn't have to let it go, but its time. really looking for somebody that will put the car to use, whether they restore it or use if for parts. i will accept offers, but don't completely lowball me. the car is located in Annapolis Maryland, would...
  2. General FWD & AWD
    Hey guys I’m new here as I recently bought a 2008 V70 3.2L flat six it’s at 158K and I wanna manual swap it I’ve looked into the transmissions that it came with from the factory and it was a 5-speed and 6-speed from Ford, now would I be able to swap it with a newer version of the MMT6 like a...
1-2 of 2 Results