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v70 2.5t

  1. V70 & XC70 (2008 - 2016)
    Hi! I had a 2010 V70 2.5FT momentum(b5254t11) with manual gearbox and I crashed that car and cannot be repaired. It does not have navigation system. I found a 2012 v70 2.0 T5 summum geartronic(4 cyl, 241hp, engine is broken and the price for the car is really cheap) with automatic transmission...
  2. FWD & AWD Cars For Sale
    I'm selling my 2006 Volvo V70 2.5T because I recently got a promotion and I decided to upgrade to a newer car and now unfortunately I have no room. I've modified this car slightly and its still very reliable for its age and mileage (198K miles). I'm also only the second owner of this car...
  3. V70 & XC70 (2008 - 2016)
    I’m looking at this V70 with 45,000 miles. It was owned by this lady who did not drive it much. It’s a California car super clean underneath like it was a garage car. What should I look for outside of oil changes at 45,909. Should I be afraid
  4. Want Ads
    I have a 2004 V70 2.5T and I’m looking for a used, obviously working headlight switch/dimmer. Ever since my old one broke I can’t keep the high beams on without holding the handle back and my dash and radio lights are so dim I can barely see them. I don’t know if that’s a separate issue...