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    (2017 XC90 T6R) Unimpressed with polestar upgrade that was installed 2 days ago. Can you tune over a polestar? Just ordered Race Chip GTS tonight. Next Tuesday I receive/install Gruppe Intake.
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    Hi, I need some help and information. I have 2004 XC90 T6 AWD and want to upgrade my audio system. I have changed all the speakers to Premium sound (yellow sticker), but.. when I had changed my old amplifier (white sticker) to Premium (yellow sticker), my radio powered up for 2-3 seconds and...
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    I have enjoyed seeing the grassroots modifications that have emerged over the years for the P2Rs. The R Forum has seen its fair share innovative ideas when it comes to turbo upgrades. Guys and girls working in their garage and using custom software tunes to squeeze out more power than the...