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    Hi Everyone, I am currently in the process of souping up my 2012 t6, and saw that the Aisin AWF21 is rated at 331 max lb-ft of torque. I am probably at about 360-370 lb-ft of torque. Any idea on the true torque limits of the t6 AWD transmission or when it will start having issues? Are there...
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    Hello all! In search of a good used manual shift knob, I'll also take it if it's new. Send me pics and I'll make you an offer! I'm in Canada and will pay shipping. Thanks!
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    2005 S60R 6 speed manual. Does anyone know how to change the axle seals w/o removing the collar sleeve? i have a gear oil leak and i don’t have the resources or time to remove it & have a way to keep it in(converted to fwd until i get the seals for the angle gear and new driveshaft) i use this...