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  1. R Forum (2004-2007)
    I own a 2006 S60R that had idling issues a couple of months ago, did some troubleshooting and found out that the TB was dying/dead and replaced it, and that seemed to solve the problem. Now after a couple of months, I am re-developing the same issues, with a brand new throttle body. Throwing the...
  2. R Forum (2004-2007)
    I’ve had a repeated problem where my v70r will decide to cease driving, run like $#!7, and then throw the code P2135. My obd reader seems to think this issue is a “throttle/pedal position sensor/switch “a”/“b” voltage correlation”. Not really sure what to make of that and just clear the code...
  3. S40 & V50 (2005-2012)
    Hi all, I'm new here. My name is Greg and I live in the UK. Sorry if there's a dedicated area for introductions, I've not familiarised my self with the forum yet. As previously mentioned, the wife and I have a 2005 Volvo S40 2.0D SE which we absolutely love and can not bare to part with. It's...
  4. General FWD & AWD
    So just finished a review of this throttle controller in my 2012 XC60 T6 but it can suite any Volvo. Unbiased and unpaid. Watch the video here Elite Drive Throttle Controller Review XC60 T6 Played around with it over two months before the review so pretty honest.
  5. United Kingdom
    Hi, I have a 2001 plate V40 that is brilliant - take it for an MOT test annually, pay my £25 and smile knowingly at the German car enthusiasts who are looking at a two page printout of expense! The VIN is YV1VW26751F643167 which tells me it's a 2001 645 with a B4184SJ engine. It has however...
1-5 of 6 Results