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  1. FWD & AWD Parts For Sale
    Name: Ken Location: Lynchburg, VA. Can ship/deliver at buyer's expense. Contact: PLEASE EMAIL [email protected], I check PMs and posts less often. PHOTOS: Swede Parts for Sale - [email protected] Last Updated: 2/2/2022 Crossposted to c30crew, swedespeed, facebook marketplace...
    $100 USD
  2. FWD & AWD Parts For Sale
    Hey Swedespeedsters, I recently sold my 2007 XC90 and had done the LED tail light swap upgrade. I ordered the full LED replacement kit that included the resistors which I attempted to install but still had issues with the Position Bulb warning light. I got used to clearing the warning light...
  3. S60 & V60, V60CC (SPA: 2019- )
    Hey folks, I have a brand new V60CC on order and I want to have the EU-spec tail lights with amber turn signals. Are these plug and play? Or is there some sort of coding that will be required? Thanks!
  4. S80 (1998-2006)
    Hello All, I have a weird, but not serious problem on my S80. My car's tail lights are always on when the car is on, no matter what headlight setting I am using. (0, I, II) I went to the local junkyard to test another headlight switch module, but same problem. Was wondering if anyone else...
1-4 of 4 Results