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  1. Volvo News Blog
    Volvo shocked the world last year by claiming that it would only offer electric vehicles after 2020. Then we all had to reel in our shock when we found out that the motoring media had fumbled and it turned out that they just meant that everything they made would contain some electrification (be...
  2. Volvo News Blog
    Volvo has unveiled the new XC40 Inscription, the most well-equipped XC40 model released to date, and also added a new three-cylinder engine to the crossover's lineup. The XC40 Inscription benefits from 'Inscription' branded skidplates, chrome side window trim, a chrome mesh grille, 18, 19 or...
  3. Volvo News Blog
    Sometimes an idea just strikes you as odd and it takes you a while to warm to it. For instance, John F. Kennedy, ill-fated former president of the United States, didn’t try bread until he was 26. Just didn’t like the look of it. Volvo, meanwhile, has refused until now to make a three-cylinder...
1-3 of 3 Results