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  1. General Volvo Discussions
    Hey, Volvo veterans. I just bought a 1966 122S that is mechanically sound but cosmetically disastrous as a long-term project. It literally arrived less than three hours ago, and the auto transport guy managed to snap the key off in the ignition when he tried to unload it. I have tried every...
  2. S40 & V50 (2005-2012)
    A couple of days ago, the driver's door on my 2005 S40 stopped locking or unlocking with the keyfob or the interior switch. The interesting thing is that the power window on that door operates normally, as does the central locking system (the other three doors lock and unlock just fine with the...
  3. R Forum (2004-2007)
    Hello, all -- Recently the hazard warning light button/switch on my 2006 S60 R stuck in the depressed position. At the same time, the Check Engine light began coming on when I pull the emergency brake lever and stays on until it is released. Do I simply need to replace the switch, or is...
1-3 of 3 Results