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  1. S60 & V60, V60CC (SPA: 2019- )
    I am considering re-stitching my seats with a blue thread. Does anyone have any idea what the Polestar Blue Pantone color is? Anything close? Thoughts? https://www.ebay.com/itm/124544947956?hash=item1cff7516f4:g:TPkAAMXQwMdREiru
  2. General Volvo Discussions
    Hello! I have an XC90 with the amber leather interior and looking for a good leather cleaner/conditioner. I know that Volvo makes a leather kit but wanted to see which products have worked well for you... Also, do you use a horse hair brush to clean the leather seats, or what do you recommend...
  3. Want Ads
    Editing original ad: I may still be interested, but will be trying to install oem heaters To the non heated seats. Car had heated seats initially. We’ll see how this goes….0 My saga continues. I got newer seats, but now they don't have heat and I need appropriate seats. I'm happy to pull them...
    $500 USD
  4. FWD & AWD Parts For Sale
    Hi. I have a brand new (never sat on) 2021 XC90 rear middle seat. Color is Blonde. Buyer pays for shipping if required. Located in San Jose, CA area. Seat was removed the first day the car was brought home from dealer. Dealership quoted $3,950. Asking for 3,000.
    $3,000 USD
  5. S60, S60CC & V60, V60CC (2011-2018)
    I'm considering a 2015-2018 V60 and have never driven one. I have issues with my right knee and finding a comfortable car with good ergonomics and lack of pressure points on the knee is tricky. The closest S60 or V60 I can test drive is a few hours away, so I thought I'd ask: In the driver's...
  6. XC60 (2010 - 2017)
    My 2011 XC60 US model Overseas Delivery has T-Tec and cloth/textile power driver and manual passenger seats, and after 10 years and 55,000 miles, the front seats are uncomfortable, causing upper back pain for some, back of thigh and bottom pain for others. The previous owners were of average...
  7. XC90 (SPA: 2016 - )
    Anyone know a trick to get this off? (MY2018) I had hoped that the button that allows it to move down would also allow me to pull it out, but it doesn't. I have a forward facing carseat installed and the headrest gets in the way when it's in its retracted state. So now I have it pulled up...
  8. R Forum (2004-2007)
    My first post! As the title suggests, I am considering aftermarket bucket/sports seats for my 06 V70R, and I was wondering if any of you know what all I will/may have to do the full swap: brackets, wiring, tinkering with VIDA, etc. Yes the R seats are the comfiest things I've ever sat in, but...
  9. V70 & V70XC & XC70 (2001-2007)
    First time poster, fairly recent lurker, I'm currently in the market for a wagon and have a 2006 XC70 I'm looking at Saturday but it doesn't have the built in booster seats. This isn't a deal breaker or anything but I was wondering are the seat bottoms interchangeable. My wife loves the idea of...
  10. Volvo News Blog
    The leather with the diamond pattern suede seats found in the 1998 to 2000 V70R represent one of the most memorable features from that generation. Unfortunately, 100,000+ miles of use can reveals a cracks and frayed suede on most of these vehicles. Leather seat cracks and imperfections often go...
1-10 of 10 Results