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  1. S60, S60CC & V60, V60CC (2011-2018)
    Hi, looking for advice. I have the opportunity to buy a decent second hand drivers seat for my car. I have a V60 R-Design, my seats a half leather, manual and heated. The seat I'm looking at is from a V40, same design seat, but electric memory heated. My questions / concerns are, would the seat...
  2. For Sale 850R rear seat

    FWD & AWD Parts For Sale
    Great condition charcoal leather/alcantara complete rear seat. Fits 850 SEDANS and S70. Asking $300 in Seattle will not ship.
    $300 USD
  3. V70 & XC70 (2008 - 2016)
    Hi All, I need some guidance - the passenger electric seat will only move on the left side - the right side seems stuck. I've looked under the seat and can see a red and green wire that are damaged. Could these be the issue or do these wires control something else? Also, is any one else's...
  4. S60, S60CC & V60, V60CC (2011-2018)
    Hey guys! Sorry for not owning a Volvo (yet) but I have some 2012 S60 Rdesign seats with memory and heaters that I'm swapping into my car. Getting the wiring diagram info and extra resources has been a big help here, so thank you! I'm trying to wire the seat heaters currently and I'm curious...
1-4 of 4 Results