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s60 2.5t

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    My check engine light is on. The only OBD code showing is REM-E010. Can this be triggering the CEL? I see no evidence of problems in the rear electronic components. The REM fuse shows no evidence of fault. What should I be looking for as the cause for the REM code?
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    hello thanks for taking a look, im lookin for a clean S60 for a daily driver The cleaner the better preferably stock and lower mileage I prefer manual but show me youe autos aswell! Also must be reasonable distance from Chicago
  3. S60 (2001-2010)
    Hello! I have a 2007 volvo s60 2.5t fwd 5spd auto Recently got a catless dp, straight pipe exhaust and a cool air intake looking to go to stage 2 for hilton tuning (already at stage 1). Does anybody have experience from this platform what it has done to your car like mainly the transmission and...