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  1. Resources
    We have a 2017 XC90 and a 2022 V60 cc. Are there cross bars and roofboxes that are compatible for both vehicles? No preference between Volvo brand or off brand like Yakima or Thule as long as it's easy and functional.
  2. Want Ads
    I am looking for a 100mmx12mm thru bolt axle sleeve for the front fork of my Volvo bike roof rack. I bought a new bike that does not have quick release axle. The Volvo rack does come with a 20mm sleeve that replaces the quick release axle, however my new road bike has a 12mm thru bolt axle...
    $1 USD
  3. General Volvo Discussions
    Hi Guys, I just got a V60 2019 for 2 months. I enjoyed it very much until the roof rack started fading colour. I took some photos for showing more details, please see below. I doubt it is normal for a three-year-old car. Does anyone have a similar experience? Any suggestion of recovering is...
  4. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    Like new Volvo load bars made be Thule for Volvo. Bars include locks and supports that attach to Volvo's roof rails. Load Bars can be picked up in Seattle or I will mail if buyer pays UPS.
    $125 USD
  5. FWD & AWD Cars For Sale
    2004 V70 A/T, 233kmi. Champagne/tan leather, needs engine work (cyl 4 misfire & low compression) Contact: Dan, PM dwhit568 Location: San Diego, California Price: $1000 OBO to a good home 2004 V70 233k miles Champagne exterior, beige leather interior Automatic transmission Interior and exterior...
  6. S60, S60CC & V60, V60CC (2011-2018)
    Can anyone recommend a wind fairing that fits well on a 2017 V60 Polestar with these OEM crossbars? Thanks! https://www.volvodealeraccessories.com/v60-crossbars-31454711
  7. XC90 (SPA: 2016 - )
    Who's used/tried the Amazon Basics 2-Piece Universal Cross Rail Roof Rack, 52 inches? I've the factory/OEM load crossbars ($354 from Volvo Bridgewater, in case anyone's getting), but am curious about comparisons. While we're here, are cross rails the same as crossbars? I Googled...
  8. C30 (2007-2013)
    Hi, all! I bought a c30 recently and I'm already itching to personalize it. One of the first things on my agenda is a roof rack and basket setup. My hangup is that I really don't like the look of the factory load bars. They're just too sleek, I've always preferred the look of round bars with...
1-8 of 8 Results