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  1. XC40 (CMA 2019- )
    I knew the cold weather would impact the range but now it’s 84 degrees and the Range Manager is still showing 150 miles? I believe it’s the latest update. Anyone else seeing this?
  2. Volvo News Blog
    Range anxiety is something that seems to preoccupy people who don't own EVs more than it does people who do own EVs. Still, though, people-who-don't-own-EVs is a vast opportunity for manufacturers, so a bad-looking EPA test is something to be concerned about. That's why Thomas Ingenlath...
  3. Volvo News Blog
    The Polestar 2 is the latest European EV to have its range boasting bruised by the EPA. Rated at a healthy 233 miles per charge, America's authority rates it at 60 miles fewer than the European authority's range prediction. The automaker was shooting for a range of 275 miles. Though it exceeded...
  4. Volvo News Blog
    It has long been reported that Polestar's electric ambitions include 500 km (or roughly 310 miles) of range, and a recent teaser from the company seems to suggest that the reports were correct. Among a flurry of teasers, Polestar posted a video of a battery charging gauge. Along with the...
  5. Volvo News Blog
    ROCKLEIGH, N.J. - Coming off the heels of the most significant product refresh in company history, the launch of the powerful and fuel efficient Drive-E powertrains, and the introduction of the V60 sportswagon, Volvo's transformation continues to unfold with the launch of the model year (MY)...
1-5 of 5 Results