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  1. Amazon P120, P130 & P220 (1956-1970)
    Hello all, I purchased a 67 Volvo 122s wagon in February this year, since then I have been doing some maintenance items on the car. after doing all service measures, oil, coolant, new radiator, hoses, belt, plugs, rebuild distributor, valve adjustment and rebuilding the carbs… etc. it is all...
  2. S60 (2001-2010)
    relatively New Volvo owner here. On my drive back from the airport a week back I realized my 07 S60 was leaking coolant and promptly took it in to see what the issue was. From there I was told that the radiator had a leak and would need to be replaced, they gave me a quote for $1200. That...
  3. Want Ads
    I recently had a crack in my radiator for my 2004 v70r (see picture) and I'm looking for a replacement, possibly an all aluminum one. I'm also in the market for a headlight assembly. The last owner switched one of my headlights over to and HID without a cover that's now taking in moisture, Tried...
1-3 of 3 Results