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    Would love to connect with other P2 owners - just got mine last week. Came from California dealer, to Texas - still working on TX registration so I can legally drive it. Any other owners out there?
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    I have enjoyed seeing the grassroots modifications that have emerged over the years for the P2Rs. The R Forum has seen its fair share innovative ideas when it comes to turbo upgrades. Guys and girls working in their garage and using custom software tunes to squeeze out more power than the...
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    There's no denying that Top 10 lists are taking over the blogosphere. In that vein, Jalopnik has run a list of the Top 10 Cars There Were Never Enough Of . It makes for interesting reading, especially since the P2 V70 R AWD is on that list. Of course, we doubt we have to sing the praises of...
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    Maybe you're not familiar with Roman Atwood. This YouTube Channel operator is known for his video pranks. Case in point is one of his latest, whereby unsuspecting car owners are made to think thieves are stealing their wheels. Well, most of the owners are unsuspecting... except for the owner of...