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  1. My P2R

    I got it 10/2/21 and it's my first car, bought it at 134k miles. It was completely stock but it really was too quiet for me so I got an IPD Catback exhaust. Overall it's in pretty good shape, couple dings and scratches here and there, some cracks in places in the Atacama but overall one of the...
  2. Car Audio, Video & Mobile Electronics Forum
    Leafed through the manual for my P2 S60 and didn't really come away with a good understanding of what the different settings (3 channel, off, Dolby PL-II) actually do in the HU 850 stereo. I primarily listen to music through the 3.5mm aux input, and so far I've noticed that "off" sounds like...
  3. FWD & AWD Parts For Sale
    Pair of "jewel" tail lights for 05+ P2 S60. Can be used on -04 with minor modification. Overall really good condition. Minor reflector damage in the lower corner on each (picture #3, #5) Not really noticeable when mounted on car. Bulb holders and mounting nuts included. $35 each or $60 for...
    $60 USD
1-3 of 3 Results