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    I realize OSD pick-ups in Sweden have been few and far between recently, but does anyone have recent/current information about OSD accessory pricing (whether ordered in advance or at the FDC)? Is there a current (MY2022) OSD accessories price list? Do I need to email [email protected] or...
  2. Overseas Delivery Forum
    Looking at the pricing of inventory models on the Volvo web site, I see the following offers listed (e.g. for an XC60 MY21): Dealer Allowance: $1,250 cash allowance on select Volvo models (MY21 XC60s) (5/20/2021 through 6/1/2021) Affiliate Offer: $1,000 on select Volvo models (MY21) (5/1/2021...
  3. Overseas Delivery Forum
    Hi all! Looking to live out the longtime dream of OSD! Trouble is finding the right dealer. Any suggestions for SF Bay Area Dealers with experience helping customers with OSD? I ran a cursory search of Swedespeed, but couldn't find any recent advice on this. Thanks in advance! Been lurkin'...
  4. Overseas Delivery Forum
    We are in the market for the 2022 XC60. I reached out to the OSD folks via chat to see when orders will open for 2022 MY. It's delayed until no earlier than May 31. Any chance they will cancel the program? Wondering if there are any murmurs about? Really hoping to use the OSD program! I also...
  5. Overseas Delivery Forum
    Hey! Does anyone have a OSD plate frame, sticker or red plate? Our Volvos weren't OSD but they were delivered overseas and they've explored Sweden. :) Let me know. Thanks!
  6. Overseas Delivery Forum
    Volvo has launched a new question and answer page for the Overseas Delivery Program (OSD): http://www.volvocars.com/us/sales-services/sales/volvo_overseas_delivery/pages/osd-qa.aspx The page helps reduce clutter and streamline information on the site. Have a look at the new page and provide...
1-6 of 6 Results