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  1. V70 & V70XC & XC70 (2001-2007)
    Hey guys. Newish to the forum and first time posting. I recently just completed (nearly) the 4" lift on my '06 XC70. I had a local machinist turn out some beautiful axle spacers for me that fit absolutely perfect. I'm wondering if I had a bunch of these made, if folks would be interested in...
  2. General Volvo Discussions
    Hello everyone newbie here getting ready to put a cross country performance 2-in lift kit on the wife's 2010 XC70 it has the factory 18-in wheels currently with 235/50 r18 tires. I've been trying to do a bunch of research to figure out what size tires to run without changing the rim size will a...
1-2 of 2 Results