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key fob
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  1. C70 (2006-2013)
    I had to have a jump-start the other day and since then neither one of my key fobs works. I put new batteries in both with no change. I'm guessing I need to have them reprogrammed but wanted to check with y'all before I go down that road. It looks like I can't reprogram them myself. Thanks...
  2. S60 (2001-2010)
    Hey guys, so I'm new to Volvo's.... I have a 2006 S60 R Design AWD. I lost my only key/fob to the car except the valet/access key. The valet/access key only unlocks the doors, unlocks the steering wheel and unlocks the shifter- does not start the vehicle. I have called everywhere and it seems...
  3. XC60 (2010 - 2017)
    I have a 2010 xc60. The car's battery drained a few times and I eventually replaced it after having to jump it off a few times. Every time I jumped the old battery off the car started with no problems. I took it to a battery shop and when they replaced my car battery, it hasn't started since...
1-3 of 3 Results