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  1. S60 (2001-2010)
    Hello, i adjusted my wastegate according to the vida specifications. 0.7 bar, 7mm travel with digital gauges and accurate. With this settings the car is overboosting. I reduced the preload step by step, now with three turns lower then the vida spec its working without overboosting. The base...
  2. R Forum (2004-2007)
    Hello, I was wondering what i would need to swap my stock turbo (on a 99 v70r awd) for a k24 from a later model R. I’ve been looking through forums for the past couple of days and I couldn’t find anyone asking this
  3. S60 (2001-2010)
    Hello everyone, I have an 07 S60 T5 (K24 turbo). The car has 270,000km on it. I was on the highway today and all of the sudden I lost all boost as I was accelerating. From what I've read online, it matches the symptoms of a wastegate stuck open. When I stopped, I found out that I had the red...
1-3 of 3 Results