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  1. General Volvo Discussions
    My 2017 S90 suddenly lost the ability to connect to a mobile hotspot and communicate via On Call. When I tried to re-add a hotspot through the menu, absolutely nothing happened. Restarting the car didn't help. I found the solution and am posting it in case anybody else has the same problem...
  2. XC90 (SPA: 2016 - )
    Anyone know why I have to just open the settings page for my personal hotspot before the vehicle connects to it? Any other device just auto-connects while it's on but not the car. It just sits there till I just open the menu option before it does anything. A very odd quirk.
  3. XC90 (SPA: 2016 - )
    Has anyone else had problems setting up the free WiFi trial with AT&T? I purchased my XC90 T8 (2021) in December. I went on the AT&T website last week to set it up (in advance of a family road trip). But the website said “VIN not found”. I contacted my dealer who tried as well and he was also...
1-3 of 3 Results