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  1. S60, S60CC & V60, V60CC (2011-2018)
    Hello all. a while ago my car threw the common p018C code for low side fuel pressure issues. After reading the forums I performed this replacement myself when I got the code on my 2015.5 v60 drive E at 125,000 miles. After the repair everything worked great. After 3 days I noticed a 500rpm surge...
  2. S60 & V60, V60CC (SPA: 2019- )
    My S60 Recharge has a very loud buzzing/moaning noise when it’s hot outside and the a/c is turned on. My local dealer says it’s normal and it’s the a/c compressor pumping fluid. Seems problematic - I had a 2019 S60 T5 and never heard that noise. I know it’s a different setup, but still similar...
  3. 850 (1993-1997)
    Hey everybody - I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I picked up a ‘96 850R a couple months ago and just finished up with some deferred maintenance (timing belt, water pump, PCV, oil change, new exhaust, new 02 sensors, new spark plugs). I took it for a quick shakedown...
1-3 of 3 Results