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  1. XC60 (SPA: 2018- )
    What would you guys recommend for the best tone (treble, bass, subwoofer) and equaliser for any kind of music for Harman Kardon? Any screenshots of your settings would be appreciated!
  2. S90 & V90, V90CC (SPA: 2017 - )
    Sorry for the duplicative thread, don’t know how I managed that. This one could be deleted.
  3. General Volvo Discussions
    The short story: My bad! I never dreamed a $60,000 luxury car would have a poor sounding stereo option. I’ve owned my 2021 XC90 T6 Momentum 7 for 4 days. I figured the “High Performance Audio System” was... well, high performing. It’s is not. I didn’t realize there were actually three...
1-3 of 3 Results