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  1. S40 & V50 (2005-2012)
    Hey guys, new member here. I have been working on my 2007 S40 T5 AWD and it has a "Anti-skid Service Required" message on the dash. I scanned it and got two codes: BCM-0094 (BCM-0094 - Volvo Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Definition, Causes and Diagnosis) and CEM-DE1A (CEM-DE1A - Volvo...
  2. General FWD & AWD
    When i turn off STC in my 2012’ XC70 , the car feels very rear wheel driven. How much power is sent to the rear wheels? After some research i believe normally the car is a 95/5, but when STC is disabled it is a 50/50 when drifting. Correct me if im wrong.
  3. XC60 (2010 - 2017)
    Hello, I'm wondering if the AWD system on my car routes more power to the rear while the car is in Sport Mode. Does anyone know? I'm seeing that under normal conditions with the car in Drive, the power distribution is like 90-95% FWD unless traction is needed at the rear. But some cars are...
  4. V70 & XC70 (2008 - 2016)
    2014 XC70 T6 heading up a slippery hill in snowy Seattle. All seasons loose traction. My attempt to back down the hill ends up spinning me sideways and put the rear wheels in the ditch. Whrrrr! - stuck. Kind motorist in a Jeep offers two traction boards and we try them under different wheels. He...
  5. S60 (2001-2010)
    After putting my S60 out of commission for about a month, I finally got the Haldex AWD working again (Yes, it was the AOC pump!). But, I figured out that I had no AWD when the car was at operating temperature. I checked electrical voltage, current, and other parameters through a data logger and...
1-5 of 5 Results