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  1. XC60 (SPA: 2018- )
    Hi all, I got in my car today to run errands and my gauge cluster looks completely destroyed. I just drove it Monday and it was completely fine. the car still operated normal and the center screen still works but I was too scared to take it out. Any advice before I go to the dealer? attached...
  2. FWD & AWD Parts For Sale
    Name: Ken Location: Lynchburg, VA. Can ship/deliver at buyer's expense. Contact: PLEASE EMAIL [email protected], I check PMs and posts less often. PHOTOS: Swede Parts for Sale - [email protected] Last Updated: 2/2/2022 Crossposted to c30crew, swedespeed, facebook marketplace...
    $100 USD
  3. XC90 (SPA: 2016 - )
    Hi all, sorry for a noob question but as I am shopping for a used 2018 and newer XC90 t5 I noticed there are two variants of a gauge cluster one being small with fixed temp and fuel gauge (very similar to my v60, but not as refined) and another being a full LCD panel. What are major differences...
  4. R Forum (2004-2007)
    Hi all, As we all know, the blue R-Design gauge cluster looks really good, and so obviously, I'm looking to swap one into my XC70. The only problem is I'm in Canada and every search result shows imperial gauges rather than metric ones. I know the imperial one has km/h on it too, but I'd rather...
1-4 of 4 Results