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  1. PV 444 / 544
    I hope someone here can shed some light on this problem before I tear it down .I have a 1965 B 18 motor I'm putting in my pv444. It's a motor I got from a junked 65 pv and it looked so clean under the valve cover and had good compression so I wired it up and rebuilt the carbs and it started...
  2. C70 (2006-2013)
    Last month I bought a 2010 C70 with 110,00 mi. on it. Today I fixed the crimp in the rear fender drain that was preventing water from flowing. Thought it was clogged but found that I couldn't snake it. As it turns out the tube was crimped. The drain tube makes a 90 degree turn toward the rear...
1-2 of 2 Results