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  1. C30 (2007-2013)
    Any experience replacing a front wheel bearing without removing the hub carrier (knuckle)? I’m getting a noticeable hum when I slightly steer left, but not right. I don’t think it’s tire or road noise. Mech took for drive and agreed “it could be front pass wheel bearing”. Anyway - Has anybody...
  2. General Volvo Discussions
    My AC compressor pulley is starting to make a loud rattle and I'm considering swapping it myself. Is there any good DIY videos or posts for a P3 T6 AC compressor out there? Thanks in advance!
  3. General Volvo Discussions
    So what I'm doing is trial and error as far as posting on this site as this is my first time... I am in need of a mechanics manual for 2015 Volvo V60 T5 Premier.. Boy say that 10 times real fast! I appreciate any and all help and I'm hoping this is the correct way to put out seeking advice.
1-3 of 3 Results