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  1. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    Hello all!! I have a DiCE unit with a Vida SSD for sale. This has all you need on it to work on your car. I believe the DiCE unit is a knockoff but i’ve had no problems with it. No longer have the time to do diy work so parting ways :/
    $225 USD
  2. Want to Buy Dice Cable

    Want Ads
    Looking to rent or borrow a dice Cable. Only need it for probably about a week. I am willing to pay shipping and whatever other kind of compensation you may want. Thanks!
  3. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management
    Hi, so I want to chiptune my 2002 Volvo S60 with VDASH and I was wondering if this OBD2 reader could be used as a DiCE alternative to do that? Auto-Diagnose-Tool, Bluetooth 2.0 OBDII Auto-Diagnose-Schnittstelle ECU-Programmierwerkzeug Auto-Scanner Bluetooth-USB-Anschlüsse LED-Anzeige für VCX...
  4. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    Hey SwedeSpeed, I am selling a working 2016 S60 instrument cluster and a DiCE unit (Chinese) to be used for those looking to do the TFT retrofit in their < 2013 Volvo. I am asking for $300 total, for both the DiCE and the instrument cluster. The DiCE unit is not an authentic dealer model but...
    $300 USD
  5. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    Hey SwedeSpeed, I am looking to purchase or borrow a dice unit, legitimate or otherwise in order to complete my tft retrofit. I have a laptop for VDASH already, so I'm only looking for the DiCE unit. Willing to pay for the device outright or pay to borrow the unit, shipped or local. Thanks!
  6. Mid West
    I am planning to redo my struts, LCAs, sway bar links, inner/outer tie rods so I will need to get my 4C struts recalibrated after all that. I plan to do the work, get the alignment done at Volvo, but don't really want to pay the dealer a ridiculous amount just to spend 5 minutes with a DICE...
  7. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management
    Hello 👋, I own a 2004 Volvo v70 AWD. I'm trying to use Vida 2014d I've installed it on windows 7 32 bit and I'm able to run it. However I'm not able to scan the car as I am using a mini vci j2534 cable I got from Amazon. When trying to scan the car I get message "Not possible to read...
  8. General FWD & AWD
    I'll start by saying my XC90 runs and drives great - no CEL. I was going to connect VIDA to it, but managed to run into this issue I haven't been able to resolve. I've been using VIDA for >5 years on a handful of Volvos and resolved plenty of other issues, but this one has me stumped. It seems...
  9. General Volvo Discussions
    I'm looking for any working recent links for windows 7+vida for VMware, if anyone has them, I will be eternally grateful.
  10. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management
    I am having a problem connecting to low speed can. I have searched the internet and found only one post with the same problem but no solution. It happens in both Vida and Vdash. I have tried on multiple cars and still get the same outcome. I am suspecting my Dice unit is going bad although it...
  11. Australia
    Hi all Bought first Volvo (XC60 2012) 5 months ago - have started process of upgrading Cluster DIM to TFT. Have the display, bought DICE (Chinese) & frustratingly is failing deciding CEM (D5T5) using VDASH. The guys suggest it’s probably DICE & that I should try another one. It’s reached around...
  12. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management
    As usual, if this has been answered already, apologies - did look, but didn't see. Hopped on Ali to grab myself a DICE unit and noticed that there is a new DICE clone on the market - this one apparently Bluetooth Only (though it has a USB cable? Unsure). A bit pricier that the usual cloned...
  13. S60 (2001-2010)
    I’m in Atlanta, GA, USA. I have a VIDA subscription and need to borrow a Genuine Volvo DICE to upload software to my 2006 S60. I have a DICE but it’s a clone and so I cannot use it to load software. Thsnks in advance for helping out a fellow Volvo owner.
  14. Want Ads
    Looking for a Dice for the Vida diagnostic program here in Sweden. Send PM, please.
1-14 of 14 Results