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  1. FWD & AWD Parts For Sale
    Dad bought a 07 (?) s60 t5 and these were the wheels and tires it came with. He went with something easier to clean and didn't have the paint flaking off. Figured someone would want these to get them redone. Tires are ~$195 a pop new and they start life with 9/32 of tread depth, and these have...
    $550 USD
  2. The Wheel and Tire Forum
    Just scored the deal on the new tires, so it's all getting installed this week! FYI: Just Tires, 235/40/18 Continental ExtremeContact DW 95Y XL w/Road Hazard, Installed+Balanced @ $219.42/ea installed ($878 +tax = all four)!!! Tire Details...
1-2 of 2 Results