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  1. OBD, CANBUS & Engine Management
    So owning multiple Volvo's I obviously have setup my own dedicated Vida laptop but I work on multiple other vehicle types as a hobby or to help friends or family members. Sadly my old 10+ year old actron cp9180 scanner seems to have finally given up as I plugged it into my 2013 the other day...
  2. The Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hello, I was trying to find the color code of the segomo wheels in Matt silver. According to volvo website the wheels is this one, with a color code of 963,but in the volvo dealership they tell me that this color is a mixture of 947 + 965. 31330275 Matt Tinted Silver, 963, Image: 2 (Incl. hub...
  3. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    I'm surprised there isn't a sticky for this already- Maybe this should become it's own grouping within classifieds? Anyway here's 20% off! https://parts.volvocarsmallofgeorgia.com/ Code: HAPPYVOLVO sale, coupon, deal, offer, discount, promotion, promo
1-3 of 3 Results