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  1. FWD & AWD Parts For Sale
    I have a variety of Polestar Parts that I am looking to sell. Most of these were for a future refurbish of my former 2016 S60 Polestar or for my V60CC project. I need to make room. Prices are obo. Suspension: Ohlins front struts - new in box - $1300 ($650ea - list $1,449ea - p/n 31408625...
    $1 USD
  2. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    These components were professionally installed on a 2015 V60 Cross Country for 3 months, then taken off and returned to their original packaging. The sport accessory matte finish carbon fiber mirror caps are $500 (original MSRP $641).
  3. Want Ads
    Hello all, I recently had something on the highway smash my EuroTuning carbon fiber front lip, and they (along with Elevate) have discontinued the carbon fiber model. Does anyone have one for sale? I am currently on a desperate search to find one, so any and all leads would be fantastic. Thank...
  4. Volvo News Blog
    When Ferrari builds a car, it figures out how many it thinks it can sell, then builds one less. It's a fun little party fact and helps develop a kind of artificial rarity. And while we don't really have a problem with Ferrari denying one rich person their exorbitantly expensive garage...
  5. Volvo News Blog
    Accidents that happen in the FIA World Touring Car Championship will now be attended to by a special 2018 Volvo V60 Polestar safety car. The car doesn't just look the part, either. It'll take off in a hurry, too, thanks to carbon fiber aero additions that help increase downforce by 30% to make...
1-5 of 5 Results