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  1. XC40, C40 Recharge (2020- )
    With the recent OTA update, my C40 keeps complaining that it needs it's security settings updated, as the 'Driving Journal' can't record the trip. This is mentioned in another thread with the XC40 Recharge: XC40 Driving Journal App not working for XC40 Recharge | SwedeSpeed - Volvo Performance...
  2. XC40, C40 Recharge (2020- )
    Hey All, Recently I received my order from carmatscustoms.com for some diamond stitched floor mats. When I ordered them, 6 weeks ago, they only offered mats for the XC40 Recharge. I got them yesterday and installed them. They look pretty good, black w/red stitching. BUT, the driver's side mat...
  3. XC40, C40 Recharge (2020- )
    Had my C40 for a few weeks now and like I do with all my gadgets, I was looking to start customizing/modifying. I have never done any car modifications before. I started seeing different things you can do to customize the interior online/youtube but I am not able to find anything specific to the...
  4. XC40, C40 Recharge (2020- )
    Hi all, Here is my review of the C40 recharge, it’s pretty cool!
1-4 of 4 Results