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  1. Volvo News Blog
    The team at Blipshift have been producing high quality, limited edition auto-enthusiast focused shirts for years. The shirt designs are only available for a few days and then a new design appears. Volvo Car USA has teamed up with Blipshift to develop a S60 launch t-shirt design. This design...
  2. Volvo News Blog
    Our find of the day is not a Volvo car, but a really cool piece of Volvo inspired apparel. If you are not familiar with blipshift , check out there automotive t-shirt designs. There offer some really cool shirts, stickers and artwork. This design by Harry Lue shows a 240 wagon enjoying a power...
  3. Volvo News Blog
    If you've been around the Volvo brand for more than a few seconds, you know turbos and now superchargers are a big part of the more legendary of Volvo power plants. Given that, we offer you this latest T-shirt design from the team at Blipshift . The font and the saying are plucked from the...
1-3 of 4 Results