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  1. XC40 (CMA 2019- )
    Hi all- Wondering if anyone has heard of this happening? Realized last week after I was out and about running errands that I'd left the fob back at where I was staying. I figured maybe it was close enough inside the house to where the car was parked to somehow allow me to start it, though it...
  2. Volvo Cars App & General Connectivity
    Use Volvo On Call all the time on my iPhone and Apple Watch . Recently though the watch says “Please use your Volvo ID to sign into VOC on your phone.” Even though I AM signed in on the phone. I have deleted the app on both the watch and the phone. I have restarted the watch and the phone after...
  3. Volvo Cars App & General Connectivity
    Searched and didn't see a thread here, but I see odd / wrong / inconsistent MPG info for trips in the VOC app, especially when most or all of the trip is electric (Pure / Hybrid mode). Anyone else see this? It most often shows an MPG rating of <0.1 for trips that are pure electric (but not...
  4. XC60 (SPA: 2018- )
    Just got XC60 MY2021 Inscription and cannot find Spotify app in Sensus, any ideas? The car is built for Europe
  5. Volvo News Blog
    Volvo today is expanding its digital services wing with the purchase of Luxe, a premium valet and concierge service from Silicon Valley. Luxe has operated in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and more, where customers could drop their cars off wherever they wanted and let a professional valet...
  6. Volvo News Blog
    Comprehensive connected car and infotainment platform is offered across the entire 2015.5 Volvo lineup Access to the Internet and a range of entertainment/navigation apps, including Pandora, Yelp, and Glympse 3G connectivity with Wi-Fi hotspot and tethering capabilities Volvo On Call...
1-6 of 6 Results