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  1. R Forum (2004-2007)
    looking for haldex rebuild/inspection manual/documents I had a problem with my DEM about 2 weeks ago. I sent it out to xenodex. They repaired it and sent it back. I also went ahead and replaced both axel seals, resealed the “pumkpin” cover. Inspected the gears. Replaced the O ring on the clutch...
  2. FWD & AWD Parts For Sale
    Most likely a specific Haldex Gen 3 pressure sensor for the DEM due to the new system. $5 dollar of shipping. PayPal, Cashapp.
    $120 USD
  3. R Forum (2004-2007)
    TLDR: possible unloaded clinking noise from fresh AWD pump, fluid, filter. Is this a known thing that points to an issue? So just got my AWD going again 20 minutes ago. So we just got fresh snow and to celebrate my new filter, pump, fluid etc I took her out for a spin, and oh man does it feel...
  4. R Forum (2004-2007)
    Hey there, I've read through half the site hoping to find the solution to my problem so i figured id ask the community =) I have a 2004 Volvo V70 R (370,000KM) I am getting the follow codes on my VIDA DEM-000B BCM-0095 CEM-1C01 AWD works after clearing codes for a short period (15-90minutes...
  5. S60 (2001-2010)
    After putting my S60 out of commission for about a month, I finally got the Haldex AWD working again (Yes, it was the AOC pump!). But, I figured out that I had no AWD when the car was at operating temperature. I checked electrical voltage, current, and other parameters through a data logger and...
1-5 of 5 Results