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  1. V70 & XC70 (2008 - 2016)
    I just got a scanner for my Volvo xc70 (2008) after getting an airbag light and it says that the rear center seatbelt potentiometer had a fault. Anyone else have experience with this?
  2. S40 & V40 (1995-2004)
    Hello, this is my first post, my Name is lokako, I'm 22 Years old, live in Germany and work in an IT company. I'm driving a V40 1.9D built in 2001 with over 250.000 miles (400.000km). Unfortunately my car showed a airbag light when I started it last thursday. Right now it's pretty cold here...
  3. Volvo News Blog
    One particular airbag could be doing more harm than good, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. After looking at recorded “injuries” in more than 400 small- and moderate-overlap front crash tests, researchers at the institute turned the spotlight on a...
1-3 of 3 Results