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ac fan
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  1. XC90 (2003 - 2014)
    Hello to everyone, I'm having an issue with the AC in my Volvo XC90 3.2 AWD 2008. I started to notice the issue for a month ago. The issue is to start with when I turn on the car (having the AC on Auto mode) it's starts to blow only warm air for like 5 to 10 minutes before starting cool down...
  2. XC90 (2003 - 2014)
    This is on a 2004 XC90 T5. I bought the XC90 not too long ago and noticed the engine fan is always on while the car is running. I didn't think anything of it until I started doing some research. I found out that one cause of this would be having low freon pressure in the AC. The car was in a...
1-2 of 2 Results