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  1. 240, 242, 244 & 245 (1974-1993)
    I have been in the market for a 245 but my efforts have been fruitless so I am considering a 244 but I need to know how much room is in the rear seating area of a 244. I have found out that the trunk has about 14 cubic feet of space but I couldn't find anything on interior space. Thanks! -Hayden
  2. Want Ads
    I am looking to buy a manual 245 that has been taken care of and preferably under 200k miles. Minor issues are okay but I need a good running and driving car. Thanks!
  3. RWD Cars For Sale
    1986 245 for sale. either as a whole or for parts. redblock runs really well. transmission doesn't. it's an M46 with a busted 5th gear, no second gear and no reverse. was my daily driver until the transmission went out. reply to the thread or text 678-628-6111.
  4. Volvo News Blog
    Have a spare Lambo engine kicking around and looking for a suitable engine swap candidate? What better choice is there than a 2975 Volvo 245 wagon? Ok, maybe there are a few better choices. But not for YouTuber and car modifier PeterBjorck. This wasn't exactly a stock 245 to begin with. No...
  5. Volvo News Blog
    The theme for Volvo Cars at the world's biggest classic car show, Techno Classica, will be "60 years of estate heritage". The new Volvo V90, just premiered at Geneva Motor Show, benefits from six decades of estate knowledge, starting with the Volvo Duett which was launched in 1953. It was the...
  6. Volvo News Blog
    Few car companies can claim the same pedigree as Volvo Cars when it comes to the design and manufacture of family estates. That is why the news that Volvo will reveal its new V90 estate on February 18 in Stockholm is so widely-anticipated and significant. The V90 is a car that benefits from...
  7. Volvo News Blog
    For Volvo, the main event at the Paris Motor Show this year is all about the launch of the new XC90. However, that's not the entire story of Volvo at the show. As part of the show's traditional historical display, a 1984 Volvo 240 Turbo wagon formerly owned by the president of the Hermés...
  8. Volvo News Blog
    It is one of the cars with the world's longest construction time. It is distinctive thanks to its massive safety bumpers and reached cult status even before the end of its production run. The Volvo 240 combined also with the luxurious six-cylinder version known as the 260, helped cement the...
1-8 of 8 Results