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General Information

XC90 V8 Sport
Black Sapphire Metallic
V8 Sport
One owner car purchased at Don Docksteader Volvo/Subaru in North Vancouver BC. Original owner had it serviced there its entire life.
My first Volvo… and it’s not Turbo!

…but it is a V8! The XC90 was initially my second choice after wanting a slightly newer XC70 T6, but I soon realized that nice examples were a bit out of my price range with low mileage… so I moved to my second choice and found the nicest example that I could for what I could afford.

My example is a Sapphire Black Metallic V8 Sport that saw its whole life in NorthVan and the Lower Mainland of BC. The mileage was a bit high for my liking, coming into my hands with 211,000km… but what really sold it was the fact that it was one owner with service records since new.

The previous owner was religious with servicing… every necessary repair was made, never “skipped for later.” And it drives like a new car… There are typical aging Volvo squeaks and rattles in the interior, but those are more than acceptable given how it runs down the road.

Ironically enough, I probably could’ve found a lower mileage example for a bit more, as I had to pour $3k in repairs into the car the first two weeks I owned it… in reality those repairs were new ceramic-blend front brakes, new drivers outer tires rod and new tires…

The latter of the 3 was really optional, but I needed winter tires soon, and I decided on Goodyear Assurance Weatherready rubbers. They’re fantastic!

I have a small wish list of upgrades and mods, the first of which likely will be the Legend Car Audio touch screen head unit (looks factory and is 10.1”), and second will be either factory OR custom dual exhaust to open up the sound of that magnificent Yamaha V8!


Wheel and Tire
OEM ‘VULCANIS’ 19x8” wheels with Goodyear Assurance Weatherready tires.


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