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      Ok, so I finally had some time to return to the rears this afternoon. After unsuccessfully trying with a ratchet strap, I finally went up to harbor and bought a come-along…or a "2 ton cable winch puller." and that did the trick. I followed nsjames suggestion of attaching it to the front subframe and gave it a few clicks and it pulled it right in place. But of course, even using the come-along to relieve the pressure on that same spot on the other side, the threads got super buggered up removing that same bolt on the other side. So my car is still on jack stands! :mad: But, I got the shock and spring in, everything bolted back up…and even got the come-along tightened so when I get home tomorrow, I should be able to put the new bolt right in. I'll be stopping at the dealer on my way home. Getting there! A lot more slowly than I'd like…but it's coming…
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      I think a tree and a wire rope come-a-long will give you enough control to pull it straight(ish). You can see what the progress is and be able to stop at the first sign of the tack welds letting go or deformation of the metal at the anchorage points. I wouldn't worry about heating the material, if it comes to that, because it's not hardened high-carbon steel to begin with, That's just cold-rolled steel, albeit thicker than the stuff used on many cars. It looks like it doesn't do much, to begin with. The way that the upper bracket bent suggests that it didn't budge the sheet metal body work even a little. It may be interesting to measure the opening at both struts to see if it distorted the bodywork. In the end, this repair may be more important as a matter of cosmetics than other concerns.
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