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      Head unit installed. Perfect fit.
      iPod cable will be replaced with an AudioQuest Carbon .75m Lightning. Soon to be released.

      Display notice when door muting is engaged, -20dB. Can't adjust volume when the mute is active. Not sure if I will keep this feature active.

      Modifying the rear deck as there is evidence of pressure on the cables leading to the amps.

      - set input levels on amplifiers
      - build subwoofer with JL 12" shallow sub. http://www.jlaudio.com/12tw3-d4-car-audio-tw3-subwoofer-drivers-92185 This will just clear the doughnut spare, but have to work out if I can modify the Volvo OEM sub box enough to get the air volume required. May have to step down to a 10".
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      After a couple of years driving my 2004 V70 with its stock radio, I felt it was lacking. My car came with the base HU-613 but as a die-hard Volvo guy, I wanted to keep the interior as stock as possible. Now, as JRL has repeatedly reminded everyone, even if you can get your hands on a stock subwoofer for these cars, the wiring harness for it is as rare as hen's teeth. So, I decided any upgrades would have to be hidden. I'm going to run the stock hedunit to an aftermarket 5 channel amplifier, and from there run out to a subwoofer and upgrade all the speakers in their stock locations. A big subwoofer enclosure in the cargo area of the wagon would ruin its utility. So, I'd have to build a subwoofer enclosure that fits under the floor of the cargo area, where a plastic utility tray normally sits. So now, to the pictures:

      First, the obligatory glamour shot:

      Here's a shot of it finished (obviously without the subwoofer yet.)

      The first problem is that Volvo engineers are so good at maximizing space that there really isn't too much usable space under that false floor. So I built the enclosure in a tiered shape that first drops down right atop the spare tire, then drops down again into the middle of the spare wheel rim. Lots of measuring and dry-fitting happened during this build. There were a bunch of tiny problems that cropped up, like needing to curve the inside edges of the bottom layer so they'd fit inside the spare wheel. Or that little notch cut into the edge of the middle layer? Yep, that's so it doesn't rest on the negative battery terminal. All told, it took about a full day to build it, and I spent about $30 in materials.

      Not a lot of people know that in these P2 wagons, but you can fit a monster 49 series battery in them. Just move the bracket over to the 2nd location, and you can have 100 Amp-Hours at your fingertips. (I think this battery comes stock in the diesel version of our wagons abroad) Ideal if you're installing an aftermarket stereo of modest wattage.

      You can see the two tiers of the box through the hole cut for the subwoofer. Don't worry about the size or the irregular circle - it's just temporary until I decide what subwoofer to install. This hole is about 8" in diameter (I'll be installing a 12" subwoofer shortly.) The reason two tiers were necessary in this box was that I needed to ensure a minimum depth of 4". There are plenty of shallow mount subwoofers that will fit in here nicely. I also had to make sure the volume of the box was close to 1 cubic foot. This design fulfilled all the requirements.

      And the best part is that it fits perfectly under the floor panels, just like the OEM one.. I even have nearly 2 inches for the travel of the subwoofer cone. Next is to decide on a subwoofer (probably this one), an amp (probably this one), and component speakers for the fronts. Sammy apparently approves, as she refused to move out of the shot.
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