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      Foglights are near to the ground and chances are your ballasts are exposed to alot of the elements. I used to solder and use electrical tape but that is by no means water tight. Works fine up near the headlights usually but near the foglights, it is bound to short. I also have had ballasts fail on foglights. Since then I use the heat-shrinkable wire crimps. You insert the two wires you want to splice and crimp to secure. Then you heat up the ends with a lighter and it seals them water tights. Have not had a single ballast fail since I started using this method 2 years ago.

      Like these:

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      These work yes, but its easier and more convenient to use liquid electrical tape. It flows into the wire better and basically fuses to the actual wire and its totally waterproof. Its basically a electrically safe, thicker, tougher, non peelable plastidip.
      Both shrink tubing and liquid tape are very waterproof. Regular electrical tape is as waterproof as paper
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