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XC40 Wins KBB Resale Value Award

If you’re looking at a new XC40, Volvo has one more arrow in their quiver of reasons for buying the compact luxury crossover. It’s now received an award for resale value, making it the second Volvo this year to get one of these awards.

The XC40 won this year’s Kelley Blue Book Resale Value Award in the Luxury Subcompact SUV category. KBB is one of the longest-running resources for predicting and reporting on automotive resale values. The awards go to the vehicles in their categories that are expected to best hold their value over the first 60 months of ownership.

Kelley Blue Book’s research and data expect the 2020 XC40 to maintain 34.6 percent of its value after five years, beating out the Lexus UX and Jaguar E-Pace.

“We believe in providing customers with many reasons they should be confident buying a Volvo,” said Anders Gustafsson, President and CEO, Volvo Car USA. “Having good residual values goes a long way toward reducing total cost of ownership. We are proud and grateful to get this recognition from Kelley Blue Book.”

The other Volvo to recently win a resale value award was the V90 wagon, which won an ALG Residual Value Award late last year.