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Watch: The XC90’s Quirks Thoroughly Detailed

The XC90 Excellence is a car for the wealthiest of Volvo owners, so it naturally comes with many, many gadgets. Although we’ve tried to detail some of them in the past, there’s nothing quite like seeing a kid playing with them all.

To wit, Doug DeMuro’s latest video features a thorough list of the XC90 Excellence’s many quirks, oddities, and features.

Since these are all focused on luxury, it’s only reasonable that DeMuro should find them pleasing. That is the point of luxury, after all. But even among Bentleys and Mercedes, the XC90 does well, placing fourth among all the cars that DeMuro has tested, even tying a Rolls Royce as a daily driver.

Truly, Volvo has done an excellent job with the XC90.