For the Volvo Enthusiast

Volvo Will Give $1 Million Worth of Cars if There’s a Safety at the Super Bowl

You can’t say that Volvo doesn’t know what it’s about. “Volvo Cars is rooting for safety,” starts the company’s latest press release. And they mean it literally.

“If a safety is scored during the big game” (fun fact, companies can’t actually use the name Super Bowl to promote their products so they have to refer to it coyly), “Volvo Cars will give away $1 million of cars to celebrate 1 million lives saved by Volvo safety innovations.”

And you can enter. All you have to do is use Volvo’s configurator to build your car before kick off on February 2 on this site and you’re entered to win your very own Volvo.

Then you just have to pray for a safety. Although the odds are against you, it’s not inconceivable. The first safety in Super Bowl history came at Super Bowl IX in 1975 (The Steelers forced the Vikings into the safety) and only 8 more have happened since. That means that a safety has occurred in roughly 17% of Super Bowls. That, along with some other complicated bookie math, means that the odds are roughly 6 to 1 for a safety, according to actionnetwork.com.

But really, those odds only matter for Volvo, because you have compete against everyone who entered the competition. Fortunately, all you have to do is something you were probably going to do anyway.