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Volvo Says China-Built Cars Exceed European-Built for Quality

Some Volvo senior staff were worried that the move to build cars in China could lead to a drop in production quality. But a senior VP with the company says the China-built cars are actually better than the European models.

Robin Page, Volvo senior VP of design, told Australian publication GoAuto that “everyone was worried about quality, but as soon as they started the quality was even higher on score than in Europe.”

Page says that the reason for the higher quality is because the Chinese plants have less automation, and is able to shoot for tighter assembly tolerances. “To be honest with you, if you talk to the (European) manufacturing guys, they’ve put so much automation into the system, you haven’t got that manual adjust. They’ve got more people on it, less automation, which actually gives you that ability to get tighter on the tolerances… and make finer adjustments,” he said. “It’s not a massive difference but if you do scores-to-scores and averages, China’s pretty damn good, so we’re not so worried about that now.”

Volvo started exporting cars from China in 2014 with the long-wheelbase S60. Production of the S90 sedan moved at the end of 2016. Other Geely products, including Lynk & Co vehicles, will be built in China and exported to the world.

[source: GoAuto]