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Volvo Poaches Designers from Mercedes and Facebook

Volvo has just welcomed two new designers to the team and their CVs have the company excited.

Claudia Braun and Thomas Stovicek join Volvo Global Design team, though they will occupy two very different roles. 

Braun comes to the company from Mercedes-Benx and will become Volvo’s new President of Color and Material Design. There she will be in charge of paint colors and the materials inside the car for both Volvo and Polestar.

Braun is a big get because not only was she responsible for color and trim design at Mercedes, but at AMG and the extremely fancy Maybach, too. Before that, she worked at a little company from Stuttgart called Porsche.

“Volvo is the most stylish and sustainable brand. It is a perfect match to my vision of Scandinavian sustainable design and a responsible way of life,” said Braun

Thomas Stovicek, meanwhile, is actually getting a promotion to lead User Experience and interactions design, but before that he worked for Facebook. He will be in charge of every interaction you have with your Volvo that isn’t handled by the steering rack or the pedals. Beyond that, though, even out of the car, if you visit Volvo’s website, he’ll have had a hand in that.

“I’m really excited to be working at Volvo Cars right now,” added Thomas Stovicek. “The automotive industry is really going through a transformation, and new technologies and processes will allow for new types of products and services to be built for our customers and constant improvement. People’s expectations about what cars can be will change.”