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Volvo to Lay Off 1,300 White Collar Workers in Sweden

Volvo Cars has announced that it will lay off 1,300 white-collar position in Sweden to “effectively position the company for long term growth,” according to a statement today.

Volvo says that its production operations won’t affected by the job cuts, but that it will continue to review and reduce consultancy contracts.

The company said it doesn’t know the exact nature, nor exactly how many jobs reductions there will be over the coming months, but it is negotiating with unions.

“The coronavirus pandemic is affecting us in the short term, but we expect volumes and growth to return,” says Hanna Fager, head of People Experience. “So we need to continue investing in our ongoing transformation and new business areas, by reducing structural costs.”

Volvo plans to use the money saved by laying off staff to continue investing in electrification and mobility. That, is claims, will help protect jobs in the long term.