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Volvo Gets Into Another Kind of Safety with Armored XC90

Volvo famously makes extremely safe cars, but the Swedes are taking it to the next level with their latest XC90. Not only will it be safe in a crash, it’ll be safe in a war zone.

This XC90 is offered with a VPAM VR8 certification. That means that Trasco-Bremen, the German company that puts the actual armor on, figures it’s good to take AK-47 fire from 10 meters away.

“With our armored cars, we can provide vehicles with a high level of personal security for individuals who require heightened protection,” said  Stephan Green, Volvo Special Vehicles marketing exec, in a statement. “The XC90 Armoured (heavy) with VR8 protection rating (VPAM BRV 2009/ERV 2010) enables us to offer a car that provides a high level of protection while retaining the car’s fundamental properties. Potential customers include security services who would use the car to transport high-profile individuals.”

All in, the armor adds about 3,000 lbs to the weight of the vehicle. That bumps the total weight up to nearly 10,000 lbs.

As you’d expect, therefore, some special heavy-duty suspension components have been added as well as uprated brakes.

According to Volvo, this car was developed as a result of customer requests, though we imagine anyone in desperate need of an armored car will be put off by the wait time. Deliveries of the armored XC90 are slated to begin until the end of the year, but you can get your order in right now if you want to.