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Volvo Cars and Trucks to Share Road Information

Not since the CB radio craze of the ‘70s have trucks and passenger cars had so much to say to one another, but now Volvo’s cars and trucks will be able to warn one another about impending dangers on the road.

Although Volvo doesn’t plan to warn drivers about smokeys or bear traps, they will share real-time data about road conditions, says Malm Ekholm, VP of Volvo Cars Safety Center.

“Sharing real-time safety data based on our connected safety technology can help avoid accidents,” said Ekholm in a statement. “The more vehicles we have sharing safety data in real time, the safer our roads become. We look forward to establishing further collaborations with other partners who share our commitment to traffic safety.”

The system works by warning all connected cars as soon as one turns on its hazard lights. As soon as the lights go on, nearby drivers are warned of the hazard, which Volvo argues is particularly useful on country roads and near blind corners.

The system is already available on 60 and 90 series Volvos in Sweden, but by adding its fleet of trucks to the connected system, Volvo will have a much broader base of information, making the system more effective and allows Volvo to anonymize, validate, and aggregate the data.

“Connected safety allows Volvo drivers to virtually ‘see around the corner’ and avoid a critical situation or accident before it happens,” said Ekholm. “The ability to see further ahead and avoid hazards is something we want to share with as many drivers as possible.”

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